Personal + Community Involvement

Women in Technology

Co-chair and former events planner of the George Washington University Chapter.

My executive board and I work to increase awareness of and address issues that women in the field face, while continuing to promote and support their educational and professional development.

This past semester, my Co-Chair and I collected funds to send 20+ women in CS at GW to the virtual Grace Hopper Celebration!

Computer Science Fellow (2020-2021) and 2+ year member of the national, RTC community.

Since becoming a member, I’ve gained amazing insight into the tech field. I’ve attended countless workshops on recruiting, building confidence and finding my footing the tech community. Access to such resources and being able to stay connected to a strong group of women has been truly rewarding

Community Involvement

Member of Pi Beta Phi

Initiated as a sister of the DC Alpha chapter in the spring of 2020

Read, Lead, Achieve Initiative

As a Pi Phi, I participate in the Read, Lead, Achieve Initiative (as part of the Pi Beta Phi Foundation) by volunteering to teach younger kids in the charter schools of DC how to read.


Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration 2020

I was 1 of 9 women sponsored by The George Washington University’s Computer Science Department to attend the virtual Grace Hopper Conference in October 2020

NSA and NSF’s GenCyber Camp

Camp counselor and Academic Assistant for GenCyber 2020 (funded by the NSA and NSF) at The George Washington University.
Learn more about my unique experience here!

Association for Computing Machinery

Member of The George Washington University’s Association for Computing Machinery since December 2018.

The Women’s Network (GWU)

Member since July 2020

Coding it Forward

Member of the Coding it Forward community since October 2020. I’m hoping to increase involvement by applying for a fellowship position!